Réal Bourassa, Representative in Animal Nutrition

I am a representative and trainer in animal nutrition for over 20 years.

I was involved in the launch of several new products in my career, but never a line of products has brought so many positive feedbacks from customers. This line of food is really focused on the virtues of natural ingredients and perfectly meets the needs of today's consumers who have at heart the quality, freshness and safety of ingredients used in their pet food. Reading the ingredients, it is easy to recognize everything that is good for health: fresh meat, vegetables and organic fruits and vitamins which are necessary for the proper balance of animal nutrition.

An extraordinary line which will be interesting for consumers all over the world!

Bob Walterhouse, Dog and Cat Nutrition Specialist

In 15 years of serving as a dog and cat nutrition specialist, I have never seen a time when customers have more questions about what exactly goes into the food served to their pets which are family members. Believe me, I understand why people are so concerned. I have travelled across North America and to Europe teaching on this subject. The questions are universal. People want to know that the ingredients are safe, nutritious, and a good value. I want the same for my dog.

In 2007 I was asked to help develop a new concept « Simply Natural » in dog and cat food. A food that meets the needs of a more aware and demanding consumer. A new line of safe, nutritious food that represents the best value in the business today. Now, almost two years later I think we have exceeded those goals.

Pronature Holistic dog and cat food is, in my opinion, the very best value on the market today. A unique natural and organic hybrid blend. The main ingredient in every formula is fresh meat, never frozen, and 100% Canadian. Also, the added vitamins and minerals are naturally sourced.

We tested the new formula extensively. It outperformed every food we tested against, and won every palatability test.

What does this mean for you? It means you can feed Pronature Holistic with confidence. Your dog or cat won't know how much care we put into this labor of love. They won't know about it being a Canadian food made with the very best Canadian ingredients. But now, you know! So try Pronature Holistic for your pet. They'll like the taste, you'll like the value.

André Longchamp, Supervisor in Animal Nutritio

With 25 years experience working with dogs and cats of all kinds, I think Pronature Holistic food has surpassed what I had expected in a pet food.

I noticed some changes in my animals that were fed with Pronature Holistic No Grain formula: they had a better appetite, better digestion, silkier and shinier coat, better maintenance of weight and less hair loss.

Even if I was already using a high quality food for my animals, Pronature Holistic surprised me with its superior quality.

Normand Viau, Agronomist - Nutritionist

In 25 years working in animal nutrition, it is the first time I have had the chance to work on a project as exciting as Pronature Holistic.

The formulas not only meet the highest standards of quality, but combine all the benefits of fresh, natural ingredients.

I sincerely believe I have contributed in the creation of a line of food which is the most advanced on the market in terms of quality, and all for the well-being of your pet.

I recommend this new pet food line to anyone who loves pets.